Burbank, CA 2-Day Training in Havening Techniques

Burbank, CA 2-Day Training in Havening Techniques

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Registration for Stage 1 of the Havening Techniques Certification Process. Purchase of this package confirms enrollment in the 2-Day Havening Techniques Training at the Hotel Amarano, 322 North Pass Avenue • Burbank, CA 91505,  June 24th and 25th, 2017.

Enrollment for the 2-Day Havening Techniques Practitioner Training. This 2-Day training is the first step in becomming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. Along with 16 hours of instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, this training includes a set of 3 DVDs with a Live Seminar presentation, including additional 9 hours of instruction, delivered by Dr Ron Ruden, founder of the Havening Techniques, as well as a Comprehensive Procedural Guide / Manual for using Havening Techniques written by the founder.

To learn more about the stages of Certification please click here.   


* This training is designed specifically for mental health practitioners or students/interns who are completing their licensure hours. If you have questions about if this is the correct training for your practice needs - please contact Dr. Truitt directly at Kate@VivaExcellence.com