Enhancing Treatment Outcomes with Mindfulness and Havening

Enhancing Treatment Outcomes with Mindfulness and Havening

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Workshop Title: Enhancing Treatment Outcomes with Mindfulness and the Havening Techniques 
When: October 19th, 2021 9:00am-12:00pm Pacific

Where: Live Virtual Broadcast via Zoom

Led by: Rebecca Turner, LMFT and co-facilitated by Dr. Kate Truitt

Workshop Content: Awareness is a first step in the process of change. In the therapeutic space, awareness is often the first stage of treatment, and yet because awareness requires acknowledgment, it can also be the most distressing for clients. The centuries-old legacy of mindfulness practice encompasses a wide array of versatile, valuable tools that can help us and our clients cultivate awareness of emotions, thoughts, sensations, triggers, patterns, and more. When thoughtfully guided and supplemented with effective autonomic nervous system regulation interventions such as the Havening Techniques, the integration of simple, easy to use mindfulness practices can greatly enhance clients outcomes in treatment. 

Rebecca Turner, LMFT, Certified Mindfulness Informed Clinician and Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner invites you along on an experiential workshop to learn the fundamentals of mindfulness practices that cultivate presence, awareness, groundedness, and set the stage for change. Excellent for long-time practitioners and those new to mindfulness; no prior mindfulness training required.