About Us

Our goal is to make resilient and sustainable healing available to everyone. Thanks to new advances in Neuroscience, impactful, self-empowered healing is now available to everyone. Viva Excellence is dedicated to the empowerment and well-being of others. The training team at Viva Excellence has specialized in the most effective, cutting edge treatments guaranteed to sponsor others in Living Their Excellence. Life is an incredible journey. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live their most fulfilled life.


We provide small, intimate, hands-on conferences and seminars taught by experts in the fields of Trauma Treatment, Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Stress-Related Disorders, and Wellness. The focus at Viva Excellence is on Building a Sustainable, Resilient Life.  Our workshops are designed in collaboration with the nation's leading experts. We also provide ongoing support throughout the certification processes and pride ourselves on the community of individuals and organizations we have had the opportunity to work with. We not only seek Excellence in other's lives, we live it in our own. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!